Kayak surfing

As its name suggests, kayak surfing combines the activities of kayaking and surfing. It consists of taking advantage of the force of the waves of the sea to glide over them with the help of a kayak and a paddle.

It is a sport practised by an ever-increasing number of people. If you are daring and you love the waves, try surfing kayak and you’ll soon be hooked!  You can fully enjoy the experience from the very beginning, since you will not have to stand up. Sitting in the kayak, you will be able to surf from the word go without falling!

In the RCTSS Kayak Surf activity we use sit-on-top surf kayaks with straps at the knees to have more control over the wave. You will learn everything you need to know in the company of a qualified and experienced monitor. Depending on the weather conditions and the sea we will head for one or other of the wave spots in San Sebastian.

An activity for the most adventurous and those who are keen to try new experiences!


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KAYAK 23,50€ 26,00€ 28,50€
Level Basic – Advanced
Requirements It is essential to know how to swim
Minimum group 3 or 6 people
Minimum age 10 years
Duration 2 hours

**Included in the price: KAYAK / SUP, paddle, life jacket, wetsuit, changing room and shower service, certified guide and insurance. **It is mandatory to wear a swimming costume/trunks, sunscreen and flip flops / (nose clips are optional)