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I myself lost my sister to suicide. Over a failed marriage due to her opioid addiction. Then six months later I lost my father 2 days before thanksgiving to a drug induced heart attack. Something inhuman and barbarous, something more than the mere extinguishment of life.”.

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buy canada goose jacket As a fan, I will choose Steph over Magic 10 times out of 10, especially for an all time team. But the accolades aren’t there yet compared to Magic. Magic still has 2 more rings, another MVP, and I believe 2 or 3 more FMVP’s. And damn I really wish they made this duel Windy vs Specter instead, we haven had a “Vector vs Vector” character archetype matchup in Yugioh since Yami Marik vs Yami Bakura (closest was Sora vs Yuri but at that point Sora was fully redeemed so it didn count IMO). There was this long string of Yuri matchups all in a row, from Yuri vs Asuka, Yuri vs Sora, Yuri vs Yugo, Yuri vs Yusho and then finally Yuri vs Yuya so they probably realised they need to cut at least one of those duels out. Also it was pretty obvious that Sora wasn going to be the one to take down Yuri, because he not Yuya buy canada goose jacket.