So it could be anything between 2M people who already were in

cheap canada goose uk How many people actually switched their position on brexit between the referendum and now cheap canada goose uk

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Canada Goose Online Please use /r/techsupport for problems with your internet service or computers. I support the petition which exists right now to canada goose outlet reviews stay, but I have canada goose accessories uk no Idea in which canada goose outlet california proportion to put the 2 mio people supporting it, especially seeing that the original referendum was a 17.4 mio vs 16.1 mio tug. So it could be anything between 2M people who already were in favor of staying before, and 2M people who changed their mind. I hope you get what I am trying to say. Canada Goose Online

canadian goose jacket Are the any statistics, polls, sources etc. on this issue of how many people changed their mind in the meantime? canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Jackets Do you think a new referendum would get better results?I think the problem with the brexit vote was that the older voters who should be wiser were not necessarily more tech savvy and potentially they fell for fake news and unreliable sources. Canada Goose Jackets

uk canada goose outlet I think that very unfair canada goose shop review on the older voters. Spend some time with pro Brexit voters and you find a different story. That is that that the UK joined in the Seventies is completely different to what it is now. It was the European Economic Community then and was about trade. uk canada goose outlet

The EU as we know it now came into being in 1993 as a result of the Maastricht treaty. It became about politics as well as a trade. One of it stated aims is closer union The UK electorate was never asked to vote on joining the EU. They originally voted to join an Economic canada goose uk kensington parka Community not a political one.

buy canada goose jacket They haven fallen for some meme on Facebook. They canada goose uk size guide voted against something which started out as a trade bloc and has become something with aspirations to become a superstate. The thing is, national level politics and economics is incredibly hard to get right. canada goose outlet italy There are so many factors canada goose outlet which affect the way things turn out that it would require nearly all the resources of the state to actually be able to semi accurately forecast these things. Yes, some of the claims of the Leave campaign were particularly flagrant among the worst excesses I ever seen in a campaign. But at the end of the day they once something is wrong it is wrong, no matter how far beyond reality it goes, and frankly most things people say around elections are wrong. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose black friday sale My problem with the idea of a second referendum and I say this as someone who voted Remain is where do you draw the line afterwards? Once we set the precedent that if you find the circumstances of an election to be questionable then it can be re held, when do we stop in cheap canada goose jackets toronto future? What will be our legal validation when the SNP says “well we only voted to not leave the UK because we thought you were staying in the EU, we demand a second IndyRef”? What will be our legal validation when a party wins the next national elections on a campaign of, say, reducing knife crime, fails to do so after 1 year, and their opponents demand a new General Election because we didn realise that they were going to prove to be unable to deliver on their promises? What about if Parliament passes a law which turns out to be a bit half cocked and people start staging million person protests demanding that MPs re vote on it as they clearly didn understand the implications of the original draft of canada goose outlet winnipeg the bill. If Labour promises to buy everyone chips canada goose outlet new york city for tea on a Friday at the next election they can be held to that promise. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose If they win on a “Chips for Tea every Friday” manifesto they can be held to that promise. If the potato side order doesn appear on a Friday as promised at the next election they would be voted out. Also the Tories would use it as a reason to not vote Labour canada goose.