I will start this rant by first stating that things have

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I see a cop in my rearview and say «fuck it». I put the car in park. This is rush hour on a busy ass street so people are freaking the fuck out.. 10 points submitted 1 day agoOkay. So. I will start this rant by first stating that things have gotten 1 million times better buy canada goose jacket since the 1.2 days when I started.

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canada goose uk black friday The 2018 elections were a political backlash. We are seeing Democrats win districts that Trump took by 15+ points. In my district (KS 03) a four term tea party congressman lost by 6 points to an LGBT Native American woman (Sharice Davids). They’ll subsidize our fire department, library, etc. But, no cops since that costs WAY extra. We have Whittier cops and luckily that’s worked out nicely since APD are all elbow lickers canada goose uk black friday.