men that have come from variou pajrta of the United States are

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The Northwestern Auto Supply Company Wants Your Business CVtKYTHINO Girl Dies Children From While Another st Deestur It Severely Burned. Uociitijr, Texas, Oct four jcur old daughter Mr and IJld Rhine of this place, was burned at tho family residence thlfc morning. The little slrl was out It. (Chlldress Index) Monday uoon of last week Una Mlldruii the small child of Mr. am’ Mrs. r.’. U Illulr. while playtag witi1 ii ncicliliorn child set lire to Id dotblni; f i urn a match, resulting ID bums on tbe body frpm which It ttl Thursday niornlms. The i lilldren were playing In a shed’ and In manner had gotten pos session nt some matches. The chll dren were endeavoring to set fire tc’ some paper or trash In a small can As the little girl was sitting down I’ is supposed that a match was lighter’ and In some manner dropped in he) clothing. Sbn screamed and UK mother ran to ben, thinking that prob ably abo had been stung by a rer ant. The motaer rau by a bucket o’ water But on reaching the shed cheap canada goose china sh discovered the child was on Are she gave the alarm. Mr. Blair bar started to town but bad stopped a bis fathers, next door, and heurlni tbe screams ran to tne assistance o the mother and child. He finally pir out tie fire by tearing off tne cloth Ing, but not before tne little one wa severely burned about the waist, ur der tbe arm and down one leg. Thi child suffered continuously untl death relieved U Thursday about 1′ a. m. A Hpecful system of train Ing must be adapted tu such charges, le declared, and he challenged tin of many thai such charge ihould be kepi in permanent custodial’ care «Our success witli this class oo has been fully canada goose clearance as good as It been with the normal laid Mr. Moore. ‘Ol eighty three lovoled during three monihs, canada goose cheap uk not tune igo. they have mnde. even a better than the normals. SUty tbiee 3f the eighty three were mentally aonnal, and of that number nine, or fourteen percent, have been return A, either for commlUing crime or weaklng parole agreements. Taentj it the eighty three were deficient, ot ffcom only two. or ten percent have teen returned, ajid la neither of these ases was it for committing crime Ve have no record of very many In Unces of this class that aie doing emarkably well.» GIVES QUICK ACTION. O. First State Bank Trust Company TARPON FISHING GOOD INJWTB TEXA! San Antonio, Tex.; Oct. men that have come from variou pajrta of the United States are Ing the fall season of tarpon flihin it Port Aransas, Corpus Chrtstl. Roc) port and other ports along the gul coast. The are good (0 or two months more o good flshint. Mockeral, too, are plcc tlful, and afford splendid sport. At Port Aransas test week score for one day’s catch on llgb tackle, 9 thread line, 6 ounce pol was as follows: C. R. Slaymaker, o Margeno, Ipwa, J; A. W. Hpoper. o Boston, 7; E. F. 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